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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stairwell Storage

I found this picture on Pinterest and could not trace it back to a source to give credit but what an awesome idea for extra storage!  Why isn't this standard on corner stairwells?  It is the perfect place to STASH extra blankets, pillows, toys, etc.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Get Away for the Weekend with 31 Bags!

Happy Friday everyone!  The Tax Free Weekend has begun and the STASH Shopping Event continues with 31 Bags!  Go here, click on "My Parties" and then "STASH Shopping Event."

Here are my go-to bags I use for weekend getaways.  The first is the Large Utility Tote with a Top-a-Tote lid.  I use this for my clothes because it holds a ton of stuff.  I can throw shoes and a hair dryer in as well.  Next is a cosmetic bag that I LOVE because it has several pockets and clean zip containers that attach to it by velcro.  It was already put to the test when my shampoo leaked all over inside one of the clear containers.  The shampoo was contained by the clear plastic which made the clean up much easier.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Keep Cool with 31 Bags

So here we are on day 3 of the STASH Tax FREE Shopping Event with 31 Bags!  Have you placed your order yet?  Don't miss out on this great opportunity to get a little Christmas shopping under your belt or more importantly, get yourself ORGANIZED!

Speaking of some wonderful gift ideas, I've put some items on today that are from the Insulated Collection. These are what made me really fall in love with 31 Bags.  In Houston we like our drinks to stay as COLD as possible.  My family spends a lot of time at the pool and beach so cool beverages are a necessity!

The first pic is from the Spirit Collection which means you can get team colors and monogramming.  It is the Picnic Thermal Tote and it is great for a day at the zoo, a picnic, etc.  I plan to fill this baby up this season with drinks and snacks for my son's soccer games.

The next is my "go to" bag for beach trips.  I pack up all my groceries in it.  And it holds a lot.  This is a hostess gift so you have to host a 31 Bags party to qualify to order one.  Mine is all black but that style is being discontinued.

The last two pics are of the Thermal Tote.  This holds exactly 6 beer bottles;)  It's a little too big for a lunch box but good to take with baby drinks, snacks, etc.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

31 Bags Shopping Event Day 2!

Our TAX FREE Event continues with day 2.  Click here to place an order on anything in the online catalog, go to "My Parties" and select STASH Shopping Event.

Here is another of my FAVORITE products from 31 bags - the Mini Utility Bin.  These are the perfect size - not too big - not too small.  The ones pictured above are for my kids to use to pack toys in when they go on trips.  They also use them to CLEAN up by walking around the house with them and tossing their toys in them, then they go to their room and put everything BACK!  Well, that's the idea anyway;)  I'm thinking of ordering more of them to utilize in their rooms to hold toys, clothes, etc on a regular basis.

Did I mention that 31 Bags come in a multitude of great prints with fun fonts so you can customize your containers?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

STASH Shopping Event with 31 Bags!!!

Well, happy end of summer to you all!  Did yours fly by as fast as ours?  We don't know where the time has gone.  Let's just says the ladies at STASH Interiors have been pretty busy being mommies all summer so our blog has taken a back seat.  But now we are back and ready to start things off with a bang!

In honor of Back to School and the Texas state tax free weekend coming up, we have a special offering to share with you from our buddy at 31 Bags.  If you're familiar with 31 Bags than you already know what cute, FUNCTIONAL organizational stuff they have that is top quality!

So what's the special offer?  We are starting the weekend EARLY!  Beginning today thru the weekend (Aug 14 to 19) anything you order here will be tax free.  The savings will not be shown in check out but rather, the 31 Bags consultant, Brooke, will make the adjustment manually as she closes out our STASH party Sunday night.  Make sure you click on "My Parties" STASH Shopping Event to get this deal.

Another incentive offered this month:  Spend $31 on products and get an item from the SPIRIT Collection at 50% off!  This is good for the rest of August.  Some of the fabrics are being discontinued so nows a good time to grab them.

Above you see one of our FAVORITE pieces, the Mini Organizer.  It is perfect for so many things.  I keep the kids' art supplies in this one.  It is great to take along on trips.  Also, what a CUTE Back to School gift for a child you know!